Fodens become the Tameside Whit Friday Champions

Posted by Mark Wilkinson on 9 June 2009

On Friday 5th June Fodens band were crowned the '2009 Tameside Whit Friday Champions' for the 8th consecutive year.
The Whit Friday March contest is regarded in Brass Band Circles as the 'Greatest Free Show on Earth.' Eleven villages in the Tameside Area hold their own 'March Contest' which sees each band march along the Village to a central point where they perform a 'Contest' march which is played Stationery. This march is judged by an Adjudicator who is unable to see which band is performing. After performing this march the band then get on its coach and travel to the next village to repeat the same procedure. In Tameside over 70 different bands performed at the event.
Each venue awards positions and the title of 'Tameside Champion' is awarded to the band that has won the most contests.
Out of the eleven contests entered in the area, Fodens won 5, were placed 2nd on 3 occasions and 3rd on 2 occasions.
Due to this consistency Fodens were announced the Champions with the Fairey band placed second and Leyland Band in third position.
Speaking about the latest victory Mark Wilkinson stated '2009 has been a very successful year so far for the band with victories in the 3 contests that it has entered, The North West Area Contest, International Masters and now becoming the Tameside Champions.'

Foden's band maintains a world class reputation for providing entertainment in the field of brass music with a tradition and unique style Mark Wilkinson