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Patrons Choice VI & IV



World Premier Performance 2/5/14

We’re delighted to announce that Foden’s Band & its Composer in Residence, Andy Scott, are recipients of a prestigious commission from PRS for Music Foundation’s New Music Biennial.

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Patrons Choice VI & IV



New Look Website Lauching 1st May

We are currently developing a new look website, which will launch on 1st May 2014.

Patrons Choice VI & IV

Featured CD of the Month

Patrons' Choice VII

The brand new CD featuring a selection of concert repertoire for 2014 has now been realeased and is now available for purchase


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Website Launch

To keep ‘up to date’ and make use of social network sites ‘Foden’s Youth’, as we call ourselves, have also become regular posters on sites such as ‘Twitter’ and ‘Facebook’ and now have our own very popular pages!  Through these sites we hope to encourage many more youngsters to follow Foden's Band and the Youth Patrons.  

The web page has some great articles, photographs, competitions, a shop, ‘tips from the top’, and many other exciting features. To ensure we constantly produce what the youngsters want to see, we have even formed a ‘working party’ made up of Young patrons themselves.  The first Working Party, held very recently, had the fun task of approving a new logo for the Youth side of things. The logo was designed by one of Foden’s Bands partners Wright’s printers from Sandbach.

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