• GS4 8615Richard PooleSoprano Cornet
  • GS4 8642Mark WilkinsonPrincipal Cornet
  • GS4 8629Paul McDonaldSolo Cornet
  • no imagePosition VacantSolo Cornet
  • jon propbertJon ProbertSolo Cornet
  • DLeaCropDarren LeaRepiano Cornet
  • GS4 8628Ian Raisbeck2nd Cornet
  • adrian beresfordAdrian Beresford2nd Cornet
  • GS4 8625Robin Basu3rd Cornet
  • GS4 8634Andy Rolfe3rd Cornet
For any conductor and every audience, Foden’s Band is a musical Magic Carpet. It continually takes the listener to places that few other ensembles rarely even approach Howard Snell