Fodens 3rd at the English Nationals

Posted by Mark Wilkinson on 26 June 2012

On Saturday 23rd June Fodens competed in the English Nationals Contest at the Guild Hall, Preston. Each of the 8 Bands performed a set test piece 'Masquerade’ by Philip Wilby in the morning followed by an 'Own Choice' test piece in the Afternoon. A different set of Judges judged each section

Fodens performance found favour on the set piece with the audience and Adjudicators who placed Fodens 2nd but despite a strong performance on the own choice test piece 'Rococo Variations' from the dreaded number 1 draw that again found favour with the various banding press and audience the band were placed 5th by the Adjudicators.

The combined marks added together resulted in an overall 3rd place

Congratulations to Black Dyke and Leyland who will now represent England at the European Brass Band Championships

Result = Set work / Own Choice
Set Work result takes precedence in event of tie

1. Black Dyke, (Draw:7/3) 1/1= 2
Dr Nicholas Childs
Own Choice Selection: Revelation (Philip Wilby)

2. Leyland (5/8) 3/2= 5
Michael Bach
Own Choice Selection: Audivi Media Nocte (Oliver Waespi)

3. Foden's, (4/1) 2/5= 7
Allan Withington
Own Choice Selection: Rococo Variations (Edward Gregson)

4. Fairey, (2/2) 4/3= 7
Ian Porthouse
Own Choice Selection: Audivi Media Nocte (Oliver Waespi)

5. Hepworth, (1/6) 5/4= 9
Russell Gray
Own Choice Selection: On the Shoulders of Giants (Peter Graham)

6. Reg Vardy, (6/4) 6/8= 14
Ray Farr
Own Choice Selection: Rococo Variations (Edward Gregson)

7. Virtuosi GUS (3/5) 7/7= 14
John Berryman
Own Choice Selection: Extreme Makeover (Johan de Meij)

8. Pemberton Old Wigan DW (8/7) 8/6= 14
Mark Bentham
Own Choice Selection: Harmony Music (Philip Sparke)


Foden's band maintains a world class reputation for providing entertainment in the field of brass music with a tradition and unique style Mark Wilkinson