Foden's Film ?

Posted by Mark Wilkinson on 9 October 2013


A new South Cheshire film production is on schedule after it received full backing from several local organisations.

Foden’s Brass band, Sandbach School and the Love Music Trust will all play a significant role in helping to deliver Brass in the Blood that is set in and around Sandbach, telling the story of Foden’s world-famous brass band. The storyline follows love-struck teen Harry Stone, a young cornet player who is desperate to make the senior band (screenplay written by local author Jules Hornbrook).

A number of scenes will be filmed at Sandbach School (boys), something that delights Head Teacher Sarah Burns. “The script rings true to local traditions bringing with it modern ideas that all age groups will be able to relate to with ease. The film being set in the local area is a truly exciting prospect for the school, our pupils and the community.”  Pupils at the school have already begun their contribution to the project throughout a variety of subjects in collaboration with the national curriculum allowing them to engage in a currently developing project, an opportunity which will continue throughout pre and post production.

Adam Shilton, prominent musician, producer and composer in residence of The Co-operative Funeralcare Band North west is developing a unique brass score, a first for a movie.  “The historic relevance of the band and the factories impact on the community is huge. Fodens are one of the most celebrated and successful brass bands in the country, containing top class dedicated musicians that work tirelessly to maintain their deserved reputation. To be able to document their history (and the inclusion of other local bands) in the form of a film with a bespoke score is something that must be done for the community and the brass band movement. The community have come together for the band and the factory over the years; I hope they do again for this.”

For Mark Wilkinson, Foden’s Band Manager and Principal Cornet, the emphasis on brass music grabbed his attention. “One of the exciting things about the project is that it will be the first to work with an original score for brass band alongside the film, rather than perhaps using arrangements or orchestral transcripts; it’s very exciting.”

John Barber, Foden’s Band Chairman and Solo Trombone, added: “To have the opportunity to be involved with a fresh project that’s going to bring what we do in our local area to a national light is a hugely positive thing, and we’re very much looking forward to being involved with it.”  

The project brings the opportunity for local businesses to be involved, such as The Love Music Trust “A very interesting project with huge potential that will stay close to the community - providing the local area with a whole host of opportunities, it’s great to be a part of it” and the film’s official web sponsor ‘Repair World Direct’ who stated “we are delighted to be involved in this creative and unique local project with international reach, it means much more to us than just a business and association partnership because of the personal links to the local people that are making this happen. We are very proud to be a part of something that we think will be truly amazing. A sincere thank you for giving us the opportunity to be associated with Brass in the Blood.”

Adam Shilton added our motto is ‘inspire the future’ and Brass in the Blood has been specifically developed to showcase the undiscovered talent of all ages that we have in this area, furthermore to give people the chance to gain experience in what could become a potential career.”

The project is now in pre-production ahead of casting beginning on 10th November. Anyone interested in getting involved can see interviews, production information, casting and details about investment opportunities on the official website

Filming will get underway in early 2014 and is planned for release in 2015.  


Foden's band maintains a world class reputation for providing entertainment in the field of brass music with a tradition and unique style Mark Wilkinson