Foden's announce new coach Partner

Posted by Mark Wilkinson on 2 January 2014


Foden's Band are delighted to announce a new partnership with the Stockport coach company, Bullocks Coaches.

Speaking about the latest partnership, Andy Rolfe states "Although the band's chosen coach company over the last few years the service has been exemplary on all of the band's journey's up and down the country. We enjoy the same driver on all of our bookings and this makes loading/ unloading and understanding our needs so much easier". 

Bullocks have many synergies with the band having been formed over 75 years ago and still a family owned company in its third generation. Bullocks also have an affinity with other prestige musical organisations such as the BBC Philhamonic who they have transported for 60 years and the Halle Orchestra for 20 years.

Alan Bullock, the current owner mentions " When approached by Fodens we were very keen to provide a service. We always allocate a high specification coach and so far every Fodens outing has been driven by the same driver, Keith. He understands what the band’s needs and is keen to make sure that everything goes well. We are delighted to be associated with them. We really would like to develop a long standing relationship and to still be carrying the band in another 60 years! To this end and in a small way we have become a sponsor. We are very interested in what the band is doing, how well they do in competitions etc. and we will try to attend as many of their local concerts as possible"

For any conductor and every audience, Foden’s Band is a musical Magic Carpet. It continually takes the listener to places that few other ensembles rarely even approach Howard Snell