Fodens end the contest year with a victory at 'Brass in Concert'

Posted by Mark Wilkinson on 16 November 2009

On the 15th November Fodens band became the 'Brass in Concert Champions' which was held at the 'Sage' concert hall in Gateshead.
The contest featured 12 of the countries leading brass bands including the current American entertainment champions 'Fountain City Brass.'  Entry to the contest is by invitation.
As part of the contest each band has to play an 'entertainment' programme lasting 25 minutes. A team of judges award each band points for the 'quality of the their playing' and a team of judges award each band points on how 'entertaining' the programme was. Both marks are then added together to provide the overall result
Fodens programme was masterminded by band chairman John Barber and the bands 'Composer in residence' Andy Scott. Andy arranged a programme relating to 'Space' which featured a number of new compositions from himself , former band member Gareth Westwood as well as video footage of Sir Patrick Moore introducing some of the bands programme and  naration from Bram Tovey.
The 'Brass in Concert' competition is regarded as one of the main contesting events in the brass band calendar and as such draws crowds from all over the world which resulted in over 1800 people watching the contest.

Please see the below results  (the points are split as 'Music scores' and 'Entertainment scores')

1. Fodens (Garry Cutt) 198/54 = 252
2. Grimethorpe Colliery (James Gourlay) 195/56 = 251
3. Cory (Dr Robert Childs) 193/57 = 250
4. Brighouse & Rastrick (Richard Evans) 191/59 = 250
5. Reg Vardy (Ray Farr) 189/58 = 247
6. Leyland (Jason Katsikaris) 190/55 = 245
7. Fountain City (Dr Joseph Parasi) 186/54 = 240
8. Fairey (Philip Chalk) 185/52 = 237
9. Desford (Stephen Roberts) 183/52 = 235
10. Rothwell Temperance (David Roberts) 188/46 = 234
11. Flowers (Paul Holland) 182/48 = 230
12. Carlton Main Frickley (Russell Gray) 184/44 = 228

Fodens also won awards for the best 'Basses' and best 'Percussion'

Foden's band maintains a world class reputation for providing entertainment in the field of brass music with a tradition and unique style Mark Wilkinson