Posted by Mark Wilkinson on 29 April 2010

For all those who ever shop online... and even those who don't, just take a second to check this out on behalf of Fodens.
Fodens  have recently registered with a fundraising website called - the site is designed to raise money for charities and causes.
Here's how it works...
You can create an account with easyfundraising, and then in future when you do any shopping online (providing you log into your account and do it through the site) a certain % of what you spend is donated by the retailers to your chosen cause, and it doesn't cost you any more.

When you visit the site just create an account - click "register as a user" and under cause/organization search for FODENS, then you can shop via the site.  There are LOADS of companies and retailers involved - if you get your insurance/utilities/mobile phone contracts etc online, or just general shopping - Next/Argos/ are all on there and loads more, even booking rooms with Premier Inn.  Just need to remember to log in every time you do your online shopping.  It keeps track of your purchases and how much you've earned for your chosen cause.
Foden's band maintains a world class reputation for providing entertainment in the field of brass music with a tradition and unique style Mark Wilkinson