Men Of Brass

Posted by Mark Wilkinson on 21 August 2008

As the Butlins contest draws closer the organizers of the 'Men of Brass' initiative taking place during the gala concert are giving the press and public an idea of the programme.

The programme will be a mix of tradition and innovation with many newer concert items accompanying more traditional repertoire. Amongst the composers and arrangers being featured is Peter Graham and Paul Lovatt-Cooper. Paul's 'Where Eagles Dare' is regarded as one of the leading concert openers in the current repertory and will kick start proceeding in Skegness this coming Sunday. Paul is one of the movements premier young composers and is delighted that his music is being chosen in this ground breaking concert, the last one of which happened when Paul was only six years old.

"I'm delighted to be featured as a composer is in this fantastic concert venture involving these two fantastic bands. I'd like to thank the organisers and M.D of the concert, Nicolas Childs, for promoting my music in this very significant concert".

Paul Lovatt-Cooper


"The concert itself contains many items which audiences may have been exposed to in the past years of 'Men of Brass'. However, the tradition of picking popular programmes to appeal to audiences is being upheld at this years rejuvenation and we are picking some more modern pieces as a result. Pauls piece is a fantastic addition to the programme as is Peter Graham's 'Shine as the Light' which will finish the concert."

Alan Wycherley

The concert will feature two of the nation's premier bands, Fodens and Fairys, and promises to be a fantastic event which will see the bands play as a massed ensemble for the whole concert. Both us at Fodens, and our friends at Fairys are relishing the prospect of performing under the notorious 'Men of Brass' for the first time in over 20 years.

Gareth Westwood

Foden's band maintains a world class reputation for providing entertainment in the field of brass music with a tradition and unique style Mark Wilkinson