Website Launch

Posted by Mark Wilkinson on 12 July 2010

Fodens are delighted to be able to announce the official launch of their long-awaited Youth website.  Foden's began by forming a ‘Youth Patrons’ initiative to compliment their already successful adult scheme.  A natural progression was then to have a competition to name the website – hence the name ‘Salute To Youth’.  The competition was a great success and brought entries from all over the country.
To keep ‘up to date’ and make use of social network sites ‘Foden’s Youth’, as we call ourselves, have also become regular posters on sites such as ‘Twitter’ and ‘Facebook’ and now have our own very popular pages!  Through these sites we hope to encourage many more youngsters to follow Foden's Band and the Youth Patrons.  
The web page has some great articles, photographs, competitions, a shop, ‘tips from the top’, and many other exciting features. To ensure we constantly produce what the youngsters want to see, we have even formed a ‘working party’ made up of Young patrons themselves.  The first Working Party, held very recently, had the fun task of approving a new logo for the Youth side of things. The logo was designed by one of Foden’s Bands partners Wright’s printers from Sandbach.
The Band and Youth Patrons are very committed to promoting the development of young players in the brass band movement which follows on from the bands already very successful ‘Youth Policy’ which has been running for over 10 years which has seen Fodens players involved in over 50 coaching events in the past 10 years.  In developing such initiatives through social network sites we also keep the safety of our young ‘surfers’ at the foremost of our minds and provide links to appropriate specialist sites as well as having a ‘Child Protection Policy’
Foden's band maintains a world class reputation for providing entertainment in the field of brass music with a tradition and unique style Mark Wilkinson