BBC Radio Young Brass Award

Posted by Mark Wilkinson on 12 February 2018

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On Saturday 10th February Foden's will accompany eight previously short listed musicians in the semi final of the BBC Young Brass Award at the BBC’s Philharmonic Studio, Salford.

Each musician will have a 20 minute rehearsal with the band before recording a ten minute programme

In no particular order, the semi-finalists are:

James Nash – Trumpet
Paul Mitchell – Trumpet
Sam Dye – Trombone
Jordan Robertson – Trombone
Cameron Scott – Euphonium
Christopher Barron – Tuba
Thomas Nielsen – Cornet
Ross Dunne – Tenor Horn…/3nGV…/radio-2s-young-brass-award-2018

Foden's band maintains a world class reputation for providing entertainment in the field of brass music with a tradition and unique style Mark Wilkinson