Foden's Band partnership with the Love Music Trust

Posted by Mark Wilkinson on 5 December 2016

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Foden's Band has announced they have entered into partnership with The Love Music Trust, the lead organisation and fund holder for the music education hub in Cheshire East.

Speaking about the partnership John Barber, Director of the Love Music Trust (LMT) said 'since the formation of the Trust in 2012 we have worked closely with Foden's Band in a number of our educational and performance initiatives. These range from delivering coaching and workshops to a number of our Youth Band partners, creating inspirational opportunities for young players from across the borough to sit in Foden's rehearsals, to the sharing of musical resources instruments / library and the tutoring of and directing the highly successful Foden's Youth Band who themselves have been partners of the Trust since 2012. For many years Foden's Band has had an excellent youth policy not only within Cheshire East but further afield, engaging and inspiring the next generation with their forward thinking and progressive outlook. It is a hugely positive step to now recognise this work formally through this partnership'.

The Love Music Trust supports over 120 schools across Cheshire East via the delivery and provision of grants for First Access Programmes and Continuation opportunities, providing a comprehensive Vocal Strategy and additionally supports an Ensembles Network that engages over 1000 young musicians weekly in Cheshire East participating in a Brass bands, Orchestras, Big bands, Percussion Ensembles, Saxophone Orchestras, Folk Groups, Guitar Orchestras and Choirs.

Speaking about the partnership, Foden's Band Manager Mark Wilkinson commented 'we have recognised and when possible supported the excellent work that is carried out by the Love Music Trust for a number of years now. Their engagement with schools and young people across the borough is significant and we are delighted to more formally take a role in further developing this work further'.

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