Foden's in BBC Politics Coverage

Posted by Ian Raisbeck on 15 April 2015


Earlier today Foden's appeared on BBC2's 'Daily Politics' programme as part of their general election coverage.

Tuesday evening saw the cameras arrive to film part of the rehearsal, before players Ian Raisbeck & David McGlynn and Archivist Stewart Green returned to be interviewed live on air by presenter Giles Dilnot on Wednesday. The broadcast included clips from the rehearsal, a performance of the bands signature march 'The Cossack' before the live interviews which saw the panel members going head-to-head on the recent party manifestos, education policy, campaign strategies, coalition options and support for the arts.

The feature was also picked up by the BBC News channel who also played the rehearsal clips and broadcast a second live interview just minutes after the BBC2 version.

Clips from the live broadcasts and some photos from the event can been seen below...

Daily Politics Show Broadcast - Wednesday 15th April 2015

BBC News Channel Broadcast - Wednesday 15th April 2015


Ian Raisbeck (2nd Cornet), Giles Dilnot (TV Presenter), Dave McGlynn (Bb Bass) & Stewart Green (Band Archivist)

Photos from Tuesday 14th April 2015 Rehearsal

IMG 6IMG 5IMG 7P1000064 Daily Politics Film Fodens Band 14 Apr 2P1000067 Daily Politics Film Fodens Band 14 Apr 2 

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