Foden's looking forward to hosting their Online Whit Friday competition

Posted by Mark Wilkinson on 5 June 2020


Plans are well underway for the Foden's Online Whit Friday Contest to be held tomorrow.

Speaking on behalf of Foden's Mark Wilkinson commented 'The deadline for submitting entries to be shown on our continuous stream was midday today although entries to be adjudicated are still open until midnight Friday. We have been astounded by the sheer number and quality of entries and would like to thank all bands and performers for supporting our event. Due to the sheer amount of work in running the contest we have had five members of our social media committee working together under the direction of co ordinator Darren Lea, it has been a real team effort!

Mark continued 'Following Friday's deadline Michael Fowles will adjudicate all the performances and award the top 3 placings as well as announcing the recipients of the 4barsrest and Foden's cash awards (which will be separate to the winners) on Sunday. Tameside Council and Friends of Tameside Whit Friday Contests have already announced that their cash award will be split between the competing Youth bands, we will also announce these bands with the results.

On Friday the continuous stream will be introduced by Iwan Fox at 4.30pm who will be at the virtual Albion Pub in Dukinfield to welcome the 79 competing bands. The stream can be accessed via

Stay tuned to the Foden's facebook page on Sunday for details as to when the results will be announced!!!

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