Foden's Online Whit Friday goes from strength to strength

Posted by Mark Wilkinson on 1 June 2020


online whit event

Foden's would like to thank all the participating bands who continue to submit entries for the Foden's Online Whit Friday Contest ahead of the closing date later this week.

Speaking on behalf of the project Mark Wilkinson commented 'Foden's would like to thank Arts Council England for supporting this venture as well as bands from across the World for submitting entries. The standard and quantity has far exceeded what we originally anticipated. Our coordinator, Darren Lea has done a fantastic job managing this large project and we are pleased to announce that from 4.30pm on Friday all the submitted entries can be viewed on a continuous stream with full details being accessed via the Foden's facebook page. I would also like to thank 4barsrest and Foden's who are both providing cash prizes, further details on this will be announced later in the week.

Mark continued 'Tameside Council and the Friends of Tameside Whit Friday brass band contest have been very supportive of Whit Friday for a number of years and we are extremely pleased that they have agreed to support our event this year. Speaking on behalf of Friends of Tameside Whit Friday Brass Band Contest , Adam Pickles (group chairman) commented; "As the Tameside brass band contest has been cancelled due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, we are delighted to offer a “youth encouragement award” to all youth bands that make a submission. The friends of Tameside whit Friday brass band committee wish to donate to the award to continue the tradition of the “greatest free show on earth” whilst providing some much-needed funds to brass bands at a real grass roots level. We will come back stronger next year and look forward to seeing old and new faces at our contest in 2021. Good luck to all bands competing and hopefully we will see you next year in Tameside.”

For any conductor and every audience, Foden’s Band is a musical Magic Carpet. It continually takes the listener to places that few other ensembles rarely even approach Howard Snell