Foden's perform with the Halle Orchestra

Posted by Andrew Duncan on 13 July 2015


'Last night's [Wednesday 1st July 2015] Halle Prom at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester was an important moment in the history of brass bands. A world class symphony orchestra sharing a performance on equal terms with a world class brass band. 
Foden's Band weren't there to simply support or to play a cameo role to the Halle. They were given the opportunity to express themselves fully as a musical partner in the concert.
The Halle Orchestra were magnificent. A great orchestra nearing the end of their season, on form and a joy to listen to. Equally, Foden's Band were magnificent too. Both in their role as musical partners with the Halle in A Tale of Two Empires and The Pines of Rome, and by delighting the audience with their solo performance of Resurgum. Foden's Band were received by the audience for what they were. A great musical ensemble able to play with a depth of power and a delicate musicality compatible with the expectations of a classical music audience used to regularly hearing the Halle.
As the composer of A Tale of Two Empires I was delighted and honoured by the performance, and I am extremely grateful to the Halle and to Foden's Band, and to Stephen Bell for his forward thinking in scheduling this concert.
The enduring legacy that should be taken from last night's concert is that a question often asked, has now been answered. 
Can a great brass band hold it's own, on equal terms, with a great orchestra? 
The answer is yes!'



Foden's band maintains a world class reputation for providing entertainment in the field of brass music with a tradition and unique style Mark Wilkinson