Foden's Solo Contest

Posted by Mark Wilkinson on 6 October 2016

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Once again Foden's have received a large number of entries for their forthcoming solo contest on the 29th October with representatives from the UK as well as Belgium, Norway and China!

As in previous years there are a number of bursaries, commissions and cash prizes for the winners as well as the special Blue Ribbond Prize which will be announced shortly.

Despite the large number of entries in the various solo classes Foden's have only received a small number in the various quartet catagories and due to this are  extending the deadline (just for these categories) until the 22th October.

Due to having no entries in the 11 and under quartet section and to make this easier for groups to prepare / enter Foden's are going to ask that quartets (in this section) play just 2 verses of a hymn tune to work on quality of sound, balance, tuning etc etc.

Further details can be obtained via the below

Solo Contest Entry Form

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