Foden's Solo Contest Results 2015

Posted by Mark Wilkinson on 3 November 2015

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Besson Fodens AwardOn Saturday 31st October 2015 the annual 'Foden's Solo Contest' took place at Sandbach School. Now in it's 5th year, the contest attracts entrants from across the UK as well as Europe with entries from France and Belgium this year.

Thanks to support from Besson and AUDI Macclesfield a fatastic day is able to be hosted by Foden's each year with prestigeous prizes including a trip to USA to perform with James Gourlay and River City Brass Band in Pittsburgh.

Foden's were honoured that Professor John Wallace CBE (Vice-President of Foden's Band) attended with his father and handed some awards out.  

Results were as follows...

11 & Under Slow Melody: 
Helen Stewart Memorial Quaich

1. Hannah Taylor
2. Simon Binon
3. Joe Heartfield

12 & 13 Slow Melody:
Diamond Jubilee Trophy

1. Jamie Reid
2. Martijn Binon
3. Lewis Frost

14-16 Slow Melody:
B & G J Birch Memorial Cup

1. Lina van Lint
2. Margot Binon
3. Robbie Richardson

17-19 Slow Melody:
Bryan Tait Trophy

1. Benjamin Bourgeois
2. Siobhan Bates
3. Nick Elsen

Vintage Slow Melody:
Lyndon Baglin Trophy

1. Jackie Greensted
2. Patricia Woodings
3. Ilse Degeest

Open Slow Melody:
Mark Wilkinson Trophy

1. Adam Bokaris
2. Siobhan Bates
3. Gaelle Lefevre

Under 16 Air Varie:
Granville Jennings Trophy

1. Jamie Reid
2. Simon Binon
3. Joe Heartfield

16-21 Air Varie:
Louise Charles Memorial Trophy

1. Siobhan Bates
2. Daniel Thomas
3. Jack Lythaby

Open Air Varie:
Peter Fletcher President's Trophy

1. Gaelle Lefevre
2. Paul Bennett
3. Stephen Lomas

11 & Under Duet:
Roy Allcock Prize

1. Ruby & Kitty Hawker
2. Hannah Taylor & Bethany Harby

12-16 Duet:
George Rolfe Memorial Cup

1. Simon & Martijn Binon
2. Oliver & Toby Marshall
3. Rosie Darracott-Gray & Suzanna Hudson

Open Duet:
Sandbach Boys School Trophy

1. Duo Gaeleam (Gaelle Lefevre & William Thebaudeau-Muller)
2. Margot Binon & Ilse Degeest
3. James Atkins & Jess Wilson

Open Quartet:
Foden's Band Challenge Trophy

1. Euph4oniums (Birmingham Conservatoire)
2. The Mighty Imps (Yorkshire Imperial)
3. Haz Brass

Under 16 Tuned Percussion:
Annual Shield

1. Lewis Barton
2. Catherine Flanders
3. Alex Walton

Under 16 Untuned Percussion:
Annual Award

1. Dom Ritchie
2. Alex Walton
3. Lewis Barton

Besson International Award:
Gaelle Lefevre

Most Outstanding Performance of the Day:
Flowcrete Trophy
Adam Bokaris

Most Promising Local Player:
Lions Youth Brass Trophy plus lesson with a Foden's principal player
Lewis Barton

Most Promising Player Aged 12-15:
Audi of Macclesfield Bursary
Adam Warburton

Most Promising Player Aged 16-21:
Besson Bursary
Jack Lythaby

Most Outstanding Euphonium of the Day:
Glyn Williams Trophy
Adam Bokaris (Slow Melody)

Youngest Player:
Foden's Award 
Kitty Hawker (aged 8)

Best Quartet Name: 
The Mighty Imps


Foden's band maintains a world class reputation for providing entertainment in the field of brass music with a tradition and unique style Mark Wilkinson