Foden's to support the future of Saddleworth and Tameside Whit Friday Competitions

Posted by Mark Wilkinson on 30 January 2021


With consecutive cancellations in 2020 and 2021 of both the Saddleworth and Tameside Whit Friday competitions, it has now been revealed a number of the popular venues on both circuits may struggle to see a viable financial option to host and support their annual competitions from next year onwards.

Last year’s online alternative organised by Foden’s saw 90 bands from around the world performing to a global audience of over 30k, and it is hoped the number of entries and viewers will be similar if not beaten this year. With this in mind, and the evident financial strains placed on the organising committees of both events, Foden’s have decided to launch an initiative in which each entering band can choose to support the Saddleworth & Tameside Whit Friday organisations with a suggested minimum donation of £5 per entry (with the option to donate as much or as little as bands feel capable). There will be no expectation on the bands in this regard, but it is hoped the event can generate a significant amount of funds to help preserve the future of the in-person Whit Friday contests for years to come. 100% of the money raised will go directly to the organisations, split equally between Saddleworth and Tameside.

There will also be a link to the funding page available to viewers throughout the night of the live-stream on Friday 28th May.

Further details will be announced by the band in the coming weeks.

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