From a Sepia Photograph

Posted by Mark Wilkinson on 8 February 2017

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sepia photographIn January Foden's participated in the prestigious 'Brass Band Festival' at the RNCM 

One of the pieces of music performed was a new composition from the pen of the bands President and Artistic Director Bramwell Tovey written for Lode Violet as part of his prize for winning the Foden's 2016 Solo Contest 

Please see below from Bramwell

"From a Sepia Photograph" which I wrote for Lode Violet and Foden's was written as a retro miniature with a Grieg quotation from a charred 1915 manuscript rescued from the ruins of Foden's rehearsal room after a disastrous fire destroyed their 120 year old library and archive.''

Please see recording courtesy of 4Barsrest and Ian Clowes 

RNCM 17 Lode Violet from on Vimeo.

Foden's band maintains a world class reputation for providing entertainment in the field of brass music with a tradition and unique style Mark Wilkinson