New Music Biennial Release

Posted by Richard Poole on 22 August 2014

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As most of you will be aware from recent updates on our site and twitter feed, Foden's recently performed at the Southbank in London and the Concert Hall in Glasgow as part of the New Music Biennial.

The piece performed by Foden's was a new commission by Andy Scott, the band's composer in residence. 

The track has recently been made available for download, please follow the links below for more information.

Andy Scott's 'A Child Like You' is a composition that is hard to categorize - at times showing elements of Kurt Weill’s theatre works, sometimes reminiscent of Honneger’s Jeanne d’Arc au Bucher. It is however an immensely powerful, emotive and very relevant work that reflects attitudes and circumstances of this or any other era.


For any conductor and every audience, Foden’s Band is a musical Magic Carpet. It continually takes the listener to places that few other ensembles rarely even approach Howard Snell