Release of Patrons Choice IX

Posted by Mark Wilkinson on 17 February 2016

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patrons choice ixFoden's are pleased to announce the release of their latest cd 'Patrons Choice IX'.

For the past 9 years the Patrons Choice series has become an annual recording of concert repertoire. Released each February (at the annual Patrons Concert) the discs have become a firm favourite with our loyal supporters and our top selling CDs at concerts around the UK.

Patrons Choice IX features a number of the bands soloists as well as a selection of their 2016 concert repertoire conducted by Musical Director Michael Fowles.

Each year, the Patrons Choice CD has been dedicated to an individual who has given support/service to the band over a number of year. This year's disc is dedicated to Mark Greaves, who will step down as president of Foden's Band this year. Mr Greaves is CEO of Flowcrete Group (where our bandroom is sited) as well as holding numerous other roles as an international business leader & advisor. Over the past few years, Foden's Band have benefitted greatly from his advice and support and we would like to thank Mark for this by dedicating Patrons Choice IX to him.

Foden's are proud that the Foden's Youth Band are also featured on the recording, which showcases their extremely high standard of performance, as well as range of performing styles.

The CD can be purchased at our online store here -

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