Fodens welcome a new 'Partner'

Posted by Mark Wilkinson on 30 August 2011

Fodens Band are pleased to announce that 'Bremners sshhmutes' have become a 'partner' of the band. The British Open test piece 'Red Priest' calls for a number of sections of the band to play with 'Practice Mutes' and due to this Fodens will play on the cornet sshhmutes at the contest.
Speaking about the Partnership Andy Rolfe from Fodens said 'We are extremely pleased to announce the partnership ahead of the British Open and decided to choose the sshhmutes due to the ease of blowing and tuning throughout the range which is usually a problem with practice mutes.' Speaking on behalf of sshhmutes Betty Bremner said 'We are extremely pleased that Fodens have entered into a partnership with the company and also delighted that Mark Wilkinson has agreed to become an endorsee of the cornet practice mute.'


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