Music Termz iPhone App Launch

Posted by Mark Wilkinson on 21 September 2011

Ever been in a rehearsal and seen that long Italian/French/German word that you didn't know the translation of? Now's your chance to find out what they all mean. 

Ever practiced a piece of music and found out you were going completely the wrong speed because you didn't understand the musical term. Not any more!!!! 

Need to learn your scales for a music exam?? Easy!!! 

Musik Termz gives you instant access to over 500 hundred terms and their definitions with no internet required. The app is split into 4 sections Tempo, Dynamics, General Terms, Scales and Key Signature for quick and easy reference. 

The Key Signature section gives you the chance to revise the different major keys and their relative minors for all those all important theory exams. 

The scales section has all major, minor and modal scales with accidentals to help prepare you for GCSE, Theory or musical exams!!! 



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