Virtual Workshop Day for Youth & Junior Bands

Posted by Ian Raisbeck on 13 September 2020

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Foden’s Youth Band and Foden’s Junior Band are set to open their new season with a Virtual Workshop Day on 27th September.

The bands, which meet monthly from September-June each year, will be joining together on Sunday 27th September from 10am – 3pm to take part in a practical workshop day which will be led by Foden’s Band’s team of experienced performers and teachers.

Foden’s Band’s Youth Co-ordinator Ian Raisbeck said about the event;

Since late March we have been limited, like everybody else, to online performances. Our own Youth and Junior Band players have taken part in their own solo competition as well as producing some videos as part of the successful #StayAtHomeBanding series with the main Foden’s Band.

The Youth and Junior Bands attract a combined membership of over 85 players, and whilst we love to rehearse with them face to face, it is not quite practical given the current circumstances.

We are putting together a hands-on day of music making, where players can join in online, enjoying free guidance from some of the Foden’s team of world class brass and percussion tutors. I know that we will be back in the flesh as soon as it is safe and practical to meet, but for now this will be a fantastic day of activities.

The Foden’s Youth & Junior Bands are accepting new members, and students who join before 27th September will be invited to take part in the Virtual Workshop Day.

Foden’s Youth Band is open to any brass/percussionist aged 21 or under, and of grade 5 standard or higher. Foden’s Junior Band is open to any brass/percussionist aged 18 or under and of grade 2-5 standard.   

For full details, please visit our Youth Band pages

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