'Welcome to the Bandroom'

Posted by Mark Wilkinson on 21 June 2022


welcome to the bandroom release

Foden’s Band are pleased to announce the release of ‘Welcome to the Bandroom’, a project funded through Arts Council England, designed to create a definitive guide to the brass band that can be used by educators around the world for free!

The project features a specially commissioned piece by Lucy Pankhurst, with narration from Tom Redmond. Lasting just under 17 minutes, the full work gives the viewer/listener a complete overview of the sections in a brass band and the different styles that bands can play in. There are also 2 shorter videos, a 3 minute quick guide to the instruments of a brass band featuring music from the full composition, and a play-along video that can be used in conjunction with downloadable parts. A student workbook and PowerPoint presentation offer teachers and students an opportunity to use the videos as educational resources, giving many flexible tasks and activities aimed at a wide variety of ages/abilities.

Speaking about the project, it’s creator and producer Ian Raisbeck said;

“I am delighted that Foden’s were able to work on this project, creating resources which I hope will be useful to teachers and their students around the world for many years to come. We are extremely grateful to Lucy Pankhurst and Tom Redmond for their work on this, as well as Arts Council England for funding this project. Now that the resources and videos are live, we are looking at the final phase of the project which will involve live performances of the work” Videos and resources can be accessed for free at: https://www.fodensband.co.uk/youth-band/welcome-to-the-bandroom/

For any conductor and every audience, Foden’s Band is a musical Magic Carpet. It continually takes the listener to places that few other ensembles rarely even approach Howard Snell