For many years, a large part of the success of Foden's Band has been due to a dedicated team of volunteers who have given their time to assist in any way possible. We are constantly looking for more individuals who can give their time, as little or as much as you can spare, to help drive the band forward over future years.

Volunteers are needed for tasks such as;

  • Organisation of concerts; typically groups of Patrons have clubbed together to host a concert featuring Foden's Band.
  • Promoting concerts; assistance is needed to sell tickets & deliver advertisment posters/flyers
  • Running of concerts; assistance is needed to run raffle stall, ticket sales, merchandise stand & refreshments etc.
  • Other band maintainence help; people who can collect / deliver supplies, assist with the up-keep of the bandroom, collection and maintainence of over 100 years of band archives.

Anybody who wishes to find out more about opportunities to volunteer with us; please get in contact

For any conductor and every audience, Foden’s Band is a musical Magic Carpet. It continually takes the listener to places that few other ensembles rarely even approach Howard Snell