The Road To Palanga 2020

the road to palanga long

Foden's Band are in the process of raising the £20,000 that it will cost to get the band 1207 miles to Palanga, Lithuania where they will represent England at the 2020 European Brass Band Championships. 

In October 2018, Foden's Band were crowned National Champions of Great Britian at the Royal Albert Hall. In achieving this, we were selected to represent England at the 2020 European Championships. In order to transport the band and all of it's instruments, it is estimated that a cost of £20,000 will be required. Band members are busy fundraising in many ways; one of those is through an attempt to cover the distance, on foot, between now and May 2020...

If this does appeal to you, donations can be made at

March 2019 Update

March was a great month for our runners; between 4 runner a total of 263 miles was covered during 67 individual runs. The total ground covered now stands at 523 miles which is approaching half way there already!

A particular highlight was Mark Bousie and Mike Warriner both completing the Wilmslow Half Marathon. For both, this is a stepping stone towards marathon runs in April, Mark running Manchester Marathon and Mike running the London Marathon. Best of luck to both! 

As you can see from the virtual map, we're now into Germany and not far off half way to Palanga. The eventual aim to cover 2414 miles (the distance there and back Sandbach-Palanga). 

Palanga March Update

IMG 11

Feb 2019 Update

February saw the challenge start in earnest for four band members. After their start in Armagh (where they ran the Armagh Parkrun together), Mark Bousie, Mike Warriner, Ian Raisbeck and Robin Basu trained across a mixture of distances. 

During the month, the four covered an impressive 260 miles across 67 different runs.
For Mike Warriner, there are multiple goals to strive for as he is currently training for the London Marathon. Mike's training efforts have added 82 miles so far and will be sure to keep the miles ticking towards Palanga for our challenge.  
This has taken our journey beyond the english coastline and given us an impressive start... 

feb2019 rtp update


The challenge began in earnest on 2nd February 2019, whilst performing in Armagh, Northern Ireland, Mark Bousie, Ian Raisbeck & Robin Basu took part in the weekly Armagh Parkrun - each completing the 5km (3.1 miles). This will be continued in many forms; some band members running marathons, some shorter distances and we might even encourage some of the less active band members to take part in a short jog!  

Each month you can check back to see how we are doing with our challenge to cover the ground. We hope that you will enjoy reading about our progress and might feel that our efforts inspire you to donate towards our goal.

If this does appeal to you, donations can be made at

We are extremely grateful for all of your support.


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